BARRIKAD / DEATH SQUAD & HYDRA "Entropic Society / Neurology 2" 10inch


Label: Segerhuva
Cat No: SEGER 7
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Barrikad is the sound of young Sweden. The raging youthful energy of anarchist noise as presented by Barrikad. Three tracks of splendid energetic white-hot scorching electronics dealing with the frustration and despair of what passes for everyday life for modern man in a consumerist society.This is the vinyl debut for Barrikad, who has so far released one great CDR on Freak Animal.
Neurology 2 is most likely the last of Death Squad's recordings. The most current name has changed to MK9. Hydra is Greg Scott who was also a member of the power electronics project Final Solution from New York. Vocals by G. Scott and electronics by Death Squad. Neurology 1 was originally released in 1994. Almost ten years later the second installment is realised. Recorded in Poughkipsie NY at The Space. The content is an audio document of aggressive and passive emotional extremes. From night time rants to letters left on door steps. It becomes an array of sound and audio suffocation as each item becomes cataloged and addressed. Extremely bass-heavy and dense electronics gnawing on the top of your vertebrae, a worthy conclusion to the saga of the criminally underrated genius of DEATH SQUAD. Wake up... -Label Description
Edition of 500 copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
Barrikad -
A1. untitled
A2. untitled
A3. untitled
Hydra and Death Squad -
B1. Neurology 2
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