Label: Mjölnir Tonkunst
Cat No: none
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LP reissue of cult 2nd cassette album, was originally issued in 1994, from German obscure act Voxus Imp. aka one of the members of Sardh.Constructed with monotonous percussion, electronic sounds and samples, as well as the spoken mantra-like vocals in an ancient language. All material devoted to individual runes and related aspects of the culture of the old Germanic tribes. Almost unknow ritual music with mythical and meditative effect, yet strong old-school industrial elements in total. Recommended for fans of some early stuff of Cthulhu Records, Nekrophile Rekords, early Loki Foundation, Allerseelen, etc.
Comes with foldet DIN-A 4 inlet and gatefold sleeve. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Heil Dagr!
A2. Fehu
A3. Uruz
A4. Thurisaz
B1. Ansuz
B2. Raitho
B3. Kaunan / Kune
B4. Veistu Hve Rista Skal?
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