BLOD ‎"My Beloved Daughters" CD

artist: BLOD label: Segerhuva


Label: Segerhuva
Cat No: SEGER 6
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At last we are able to present this eagerly awaited CD by Sweden’s most hardened sexnoise extremist. No hyperbole needed - if you are at all serious about noise and/or LOVE, you should get this. Guaranteed to leave your eardrums like a pair of flogged ass-cheeks...Sore, numb, and aching for more... -Label Description
Scratch n' sniff disc - strawberry flavour
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Feed Me / Ashes To Angeldust
2. Candles Contrite To Ashes
3. Strawberry - Et Le Sang Coula A Flots
4. Never Resting Pains
5. Juliet's Sewing
6. Summertime - Floors Full Of Doveblood & Shit
7. Supplicant And Kneeling
8. A La Memoire D'un Ange
9. Fullmoon Blackened Heart
10. Silent White Salt
11. Agneau De Dieu
12. No Remorse
13. Remember - Below Curtains Of Green Earth
14. Thirst-Black Water, Red Nenuphar
15. My Beloved Daughters
16. Scission / Inflammable Cunt / Fist Of Cock
17. Stardust Bleeding Arteries
18. Les Fleurs Sanglante Vos Saisons
[ n o t e s ]
Mastered by BJ Nilsen
Layout by Bannerman
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