CULTURAL AMNESIA "Enormous Savages Enlarged" CD


Label: Klanggalerie / Iron Banana
Cat No: gg124 / IB9
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A wonderful band from the UK, Cultural Amnesia are back in full flow in 2009. Originally released on vinyl in 2006 on Anna Logue Records, "Enormous Savages" is the first part of a collection of tracks that were released on cassette between 1981 and 1983. Some of those songs were even co-written by Jhonn Balance of Coil! A mix of synth pop, anaologue electronica and rhythmic Industrial, Cultural Amnesia fit in somewhere between Cabaret Voltaire and Portion Control with an added playfulness. An 80's classic ready to be re-discovered and loved! Plus: a selection of bonus tracks old and new, some from a very recent date that show you how CA sound in 2009! -Label Description
1. Kingdom Come
2. Materialistic Man
3. Repetition For This World
4. Sacrebleu
5. The Wildlife Of The Tranquil Vale
6. Blind Rag
7. Fetish For Today
8. Scars For E
9. Here To Go
10. Wee Sorg
11. It's Coming!
12. Contains
13. I Heard It On The Radio
14. Syst.admin
15. Theme From Cultural Amnesia
Keyboards, voice, guitar by Ben Norland and John Peacock
Voice, keyboards, pipes by Gerard Greenway
Words by Cultural Amnesia except track 7 to 9 wriiten by John Balance
Design by Ben Norland
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