DEUTSCH NEPAL "Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection" CD


Label: Cold Meat Industry
Cat No: CMI180
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Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection contain previously released material from compilations and limited edited vinyls. It is not to be seen as a major release from Deutsch Nepal but a small shop of horrors where everyone could shoplift whenever in the spirit. Quality and atmosphere is different from track to track as there is no theme or secret path to follow on this album - It's plain Deutsch Nepal - Just as we love it! So just C´mon get naked... remember nude improvised dancing is not only for fun it´s also for free! This is Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection to be followed by many more sad experiences in your poor and empty lives... -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Chatrine I From Above
2. Drugmother
3. City Of Stone
4. Procession
5. Of Parasites And Disguises
6. Wroclow Anthem
7. Pôpoülé
8. Bird Of Steel
9. Golden Sea Baptism
10. Problem
11. Neris Of Tears
[ n o t e s ]
Tracks 1-2 taken from Heilige Feuer CD (Der Angriff, 2001)
Tracks 3-4 taken from The City Of Stone 10" (Hau Ruck!, 2003)
Track 5 taken from Flowers Made Of Snow 2xCD (Cold Meat, 2005)
Track 6 taken from A Rainy November Day In Wroclaw CD (Ars Benevola Mater, 2004)
Track 7 taken from Death Odors II CD (Slaughter, 1997)
Tracks 8-10 taken from The Bird Of Steel LP (Extremocidente, 2004)
Track 11 taken from Fuck The Modern World (3A4ИCTКA) CD (Autarkeia, 2005)
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