artist: DEUTSCH NEPAL label: Autarkeia


Label: Autarkeia
Cat No: acd 037
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The genial album Tolerance is one more golden deja vu of the industrial culture, released by Staalplaat label long ago, sold out and desperately sought and hunted in auctions by collectors. The new release of the cult album enjoys the enhanced sound and the new package design from the author Lina Baby Doll. And this time it does not come out in limited edition like its predecessor. The new generations can get it without limitations. Those who do not know Lina Baby Doll’s masterpieces, should be informed that Tolerance is an artefact of the early stage of project’s Deutsch Nepal music. The period is characterised by ritual tribal rhythms, mesmerising loops and indeed suggestive psychedelic atmosphere. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Horses Give Birth To Flies
2. Tolerance 1
3. Manual To Utilization | audio sample
4. Tolerance 2
5. The Eagles Gift | audio sample
6. Tolerance 3
7. Nonexistance | audio sample
8. Tolerance 4
9. Chip Chop
10. End Of Tolerance
11. Deathmanners
[ n o t e s ]
Music and artwork by Zyklone B Doll
Photography of Live Kiev 2008 by Lisa Parfenova
Originally released by Staalplaat in 1994
Out of print at the source,
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