EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Die Infektion Der Geburt" CD


Label: Hirnlärm Laboratorium
Cat No: Hirnlärm 09
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Consists of 10 tracks with overall length of 68 minutes. This album frames very vivid material operating with industrial amplitudes of pulse noise and subliminal vibrations of thundering "hallucinatory ambient". With its dramatically contrast structures and experimental sound work, the compositions on this album may rather evocate the sense of an avant-garde classical music piece. In contrast to their prior work, this Einleitungszeit album is specific with full sound texture and psychoactive atmosphere of "clinical leitmotiv". As this is so far the most complex Einleitungszeit work, the album will be distributed in black-silver digipack. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Kontamination: Der Hybride | audio sample
2. Das Urteil
3. Die Infektion Der Geburt | audio sample
4. Deformierten Schöpfer
5. Strahlende Gegenwart
6. Geschrei Des Feuers
7. Mentalkastration
8. Wehen Der Krankheit | audio sample
9. Die Endgültige Doktrin
10. Quarantäne | audio sample
[ n o t e s ]
Electronics by Martin VO.I.D and Richard Norg
Noises, voice and final mix by Martin VO.I.D
Effects by Robert Seismic
Body actions by Zver.Ina
Fire performance by Tereza Sangre
Recorded at Hirnlärm
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