EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Human Scrap: An Atomic Prayer" CD enhanced


Label: Ars Morta Universum
Cat No: none
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4th proper CD with full-length material issued in 2004, as well as second output with this new lineup Richard Norg and Martin Jarolím (VO.I.D.).
Contains 11 tracks containing a video, an interview and several pictures as enhanced.
Totally tangled with ultimately distorted machinery loops and metal percussion, as insane as deafening roar and various electronics covering full scale of frequency and dynamics.
Pure modern ritual and brutality.
Another masterpiece from this Slovakian/Czech industrial greatest.
Come with an absolute handmade package with stamped / embossed metal plate by members of the bands.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Biokybernetik | audio sample
2. Human Scrap
3. An Atomic Prayer
4. Kastration | audio sample
5. Nekroplasma
6. VX-Walz | audio sample
7. Litanei
8. Eschaton | audio sample
9. Limbo Isent
10. Die Larve
11. Whip & Steel
[ n o t e s ]
Electronics by Martin VO.I.D and Richard Norg
Noises, voice and final mix by Martin VO.I.D
Effects by Robert Seismic
Body actions by Zver.Ina
Fire performance by Tereza Sangre
Recorded at Hirnlärm
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