GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ "Cocoon - Live In Antwerp" CD + DVD


Label: Tesco Organisation
Cat No: TESCO 073
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"Only the awakening of the individuals from prejudice and recovering from the capacity to act will collapse the entity…" GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ’s first ever live appearance at the Tesco Festival / Antwerp 2007 is now available on DVD-Video and CD! With the sole purpose of giving the audience a great night’s entertainment, not just the usual mundane "live act", Galerie Schallschutz have put together an exceptionally amazing multimedia show with a profound stage concept.
To maximise attention G.S. have optimised their performance almost theatrically, with a highly topical theme that covers the controlling of willpower, observation and constrictions of individual basic rights, and the ideology of freedom! Moreover, the musical concept with its layered ambient-drones, deep pulsed frequencies and manipulated interferences, was produced specifically for this special event and contains completely new, and most importantly, previously unreleased sounds.
This rare and exclusive live recording of the outstandingly excellent debut in Belgium was skillfully filmed and tastefully produced by a professional German TV- and multimedia company! The 2 disc edition comes in a luxury 6-panel DVD digipaCk and includes additional information in the 8-page glossy inlet booklet. Box-set includes the full 46 min. “Video Pal Stereo” DVD in region free quality and a live 6-track Audio CD. “For all who still want to think - For all who still can think… made in Geramny! -Label Description
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CD1. Chapter I
CD2. Chapter II
CD3. Chapter III
CD4. Chapter IV
CD5. Chapter V
CD6. Chapter VI
CD7. Chapter VII
CD8. Chapter VIII
DVD1. Chapter I
DVD2. Chapter II
DVD3. Chapter III
DVD4. Chapter IV
DVD5. Chapter V
DVD6. Chapter VI
DVD7. Chapter VII
DVD8. Chapter VIII
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Recorded live at the Tesco Festival at CC Luchtbal, Antwerp, Belgium on October 29, 2007
Live stage support by Alexandra Gülke, Hendrik Bindewald and Sven Dortmund
Video production by Achim Dehnst, Man Chun Li and Mike Hoffmann
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