anonymous "Ecclesiastical Reich" C60

artist: anonymous label: Fanaticism


Label: Fanaticism
Cat No: none
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'Ecclesiastical Reich', the third installment in the series, explores the ideological ties between Fascism and Catholicism and the idea of a totalitarian civitas dei. Musically it is one of the harshest FANATICISM releases so far, combining pounding power electronics, heavy industrial and unrelenting harsh noise with orchestral loops and fervent and fanatical sermons. 'Nothing is more contrary to Catholicism than democracy'. -Label Description
7 tracks, 59 minutes playing time.
Dubbed in real time on C60 high bias chrome cassettes.
Comes with a double-sided red art paper j-card.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. untitled
B. untitled
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