DIUTESC "Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena" CD+DVD

artist: DIUTESC label: Old Captain


Label: Old Captain
Cat No: OCCD11/OCDVD01
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An instantly sold out back in 2009 “Evilution” by Walter Adam von Dewitz, former Genocide Organ member (1989-1999), is being re-released via Old Captain. Rare original tracks recorded ‘live without audience and computers’, raw, minimal, non-mastered true old school death industrial and power electronics. Diutesc (from Old German “Deutsch”) is a solo project of a person known by his legendary past in the cult G.O. band and rare self-produced limited vinyl editions also released by Membrum Debile Propaganda and Xn Recordings. “Evilution Resurrected” comprises original tracks and never heard before rarities from the early period and the DVD of the live documentation. Comes in a 4-panel matte double Digipak with a new artwork and limited to 200 copies. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Diutesc - Intro
2. Diutesc - Chapter 5
3. Diutesc - A Track For Nobody
4. Diutesc - Es Sind (Für Die) Tiere
5. Diutesc - Frustration Society
6. Diutesc - No Name
7. Diutesc - Wir Versuchen Die Weltherrschaft An Uns Zu Reissen
8. Diutesc - Padre Meum
9. Diutesc - Brainwashmachine
10. Diutesc - Die Mächtigen Hassen
11. Diutesc - Ask Your Lover
12. Diutesc - Das Hirn Sendet Wellen Aus
13. Diutesc - I Got Fear
14. HWB - Intermezzo
15. HWB - Störungen Durch Amateursender
16. Surd - Der Zustand
17. Diutesc - Don't Forget Me
18. Diutesc - Seid Vorsichtig
19. The Right Time
[ n o t e s ]
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