PRURIENT ‎"Unmasking The Insect" CS

artist: PRURIENT label: Zaetraom


Label: Zaetraom
Cat No: ZAETRAOM 010
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Recorded in New York City autumn 2014 - spring 2015 - a recent recording of Prurient heavy power electronics with great lyrics - like we like it - recommended!
On sound:
5 tracks of Minimal industrial persecution electronics. Traditions foretold set to stories of social decline and sexual separation employing analog synthesizer, cold ambience and textural rhythms with apathetic vocals delivering aimless condemnations. Post - industrial translations for the riptide culture.
On intent:
A boot kicks up the brim of a shattered helmet. The cerebral territory is claimed with bullet holes. The five toes inside that boot wonder who was here. The five arms of the spider protrude through the same holes of the enemy. Unmasking the insect. Power electronics without negotiation.
On lyrics:
Unmasking the fragile shell... The space that is occupied between nature and society. The vacuum called Man. -Label Description
Prurient is back to Industrial / Heavy Electronics mode in this release, in vein of the lineages of Tesco Organisation / Ke/Hil or Anenzephalia.
A bloodshed noir in modern crusades.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
Side - War Ghandi - I-III: 
A1. Prosecution Scepter
A2. Medicine Crawl
A3. Raped By The Dragon (Granite Columns)
Side - Hongerwinter - IV-V: 
B1. Private Tombs (Estate Liquidation)
B2. Like Reeds In The Wind (Corpus)
[ n o t e s ]
Recorded in New York City Autunm 2014 - Spring 2015
Prurient is Dominick Fernow
Additional Personel:
Jim Mroz: Electronics, Bass Guitar, Field Recordings by Jim Mroz
Matthew Folden: Electronics and Arrangement
Kris Lapke: Synthesizer and Mastering
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