DEATH SQUAD "Isolation As Intent" LP


Label: Audio Dissection
Cat No: AD15
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First ever vinyl reissue of one of the severe classic album by Death Squad "Isolation As Intent" originally released on
Spastik Kommunikations (ex-Spastik Soniks / pre-Neural Operations) as SK2 in 2000.
"Silence begins in the mind, surrogate feeding times & diminishing drives, to want, to move, to have, to covet, to exist. Death dominates all. The walls are cold... Made from nocturnal desecrations, in & along the false senses we create & perceive. Sound gains, motioning as if dead, suffocated in aisles of paranoia, it looks & breath. We have felt the glow of blood pouring from self inflicted wounds, from abuse, we have felt this & can no longer deny the release of pressure that the world & its parasites demond. Stretches of incogruent speech, focus lost. Well hidden in the addiction, drugs, sleep, self isolation. There is nothing... Subconscious atrocities at night, the reverberations from the mind begin their relentless attack... Self divided by self... Nothing left to bury but my body." - Notes from original disc
175g black vinyl
Limited to 100 copies
U L T I M A T E   C L A S S I C   F R O M   D E A T H   S Q U A D !
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Existence / March Of The Dead
A2. Fuck God Live
A3. Execution
B1. Solitude
B2. Partition
B3. God Covets Man
B4. Subliminal Trenching
B5. Terminal Suicide
B6. Relapse
[ n o t e s ]
"March Of The Dead" part of Track A1 originally composed at cafe oslo norway, re-realised live on radio free hatred KFJC
Track A2 & B3 recorded live somewhere in the states
Track A3 composed and arranged exclusively for FUCK TV by Scott Arford & Michael Nine
Track B1 recorded as source material in denver colorado for the denver atonal festival number 2
Track B2 and B4 to B6 recorded in vienna austria ` studio franz
Track B5 originally recorded for freak animal #11 and appeared as "M Praha Three" aptly renamed "Terminal Suicide"
Limited copies in stock,
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