156 "Taking A Look At A Moment Lost" C32

artist: 156 label: Chondritic Sound


Label: Chondritic Sound
Cat No: CH-279
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Cavern-borne ritualistic industrial music, with the pervasive atmosphere of damp, rotten sweat and incense. Bells chime, candles are lit and curses are muttered as drones swell and reverberate. Field recordings from another time, another place, not quite like the one we occupy. The tools are sharpened, the pyre is crackling, time stands still. 156 is Adel Souto. -Label description
One of the best serious ritual industrial music from US underground society of modern times.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Fading Images
A2. And The Crowd Calls For His Head
A3. Expand And Contract
A4. Leaving Without Dinner
B1. Blasting Away
B2. Compression
B3. The Midnight Hour (May Day)
B4. About To Kowtow
B5. The Midnight Hour (All Souls Day)
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