JOHN DUNCAN / MICHAEL ESPOSITO / Z'EV "There Must Be A Way Across This River / The Abject (Special Edition)" LP


Label: Fragment Factory
Cat No: [FRAG20]
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„Michael Esposito proposed the trip to the house where I lived in Chicago (Prospect Heights, to be exact), researched and contacted the present owner to get permission to make recordings inside. He spoke by phone with the wife. When we visited the house, the husband told us the wife was away and refused to allow us to enter. Michael made a recording of this encounter, which is where the EVP was found. Would EVP have been recorded if I hadn't been there? […] Credit should also be given to Heidi Harman, the medium who was with us that night who gave the unsettling news that she could hear my name specified by the voice“. -John Duncan, 03/2011
Two long, remarkable pieces, documenting the occurences at John Duncan's childhood home on February 20, 2009, recorded by Michael Esposito and later processed by Duncan and Z'EV.
Pressed on black 140g vinyl -Label Description
SPECIAL EDITION, comes in alternative sleeves/cover art, hand-assembled, label logo stamped on both sides of the inner sleeve - Limited to 50 copies.
NOTICE: STANDARD EDITION is also available!
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. There Must Be A Way Across This River
B. The Abject
[ n o t e s ]
Track A: Music and lyrics by John Duncan, featuring Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings by Michael Esposito
Track B: Music and lyrics by Z'ev, featuring Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings by Michael Esposito
Artwork and layout by Michael Muennich
Etched SATAN SITS HERE on runout groove side-A
Etched I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU PLAN TO SEE on runout groove side-B
Out of print at the source.
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