ALFARMANIA "Bottenskrapet" 12inch picture disc

artist: ALFARMANIA label: Autarkeia


Label: Autarkeia
Cat No: vinyl 002 avi 036
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This luxurious epic release by the Swedish sound terrorist Kristian Olsson, also known as the leader of Survival Unit, probably built a monument for the postmortem electronics. A style mainly characterised by dirt, chaos, noise and deliberate disregard for quality. Two long tracks of Bottenskrapet album offer a hymn for the dump of human civilisation and its madness. Absolute provocation released in the heaviest pic-LP vinyl illustrated with the visualisation of the talented 21st c. collagist Kristian Olsson, whose suggestion equals that of Hieronymus Bosch's hallucinations. The release includes a postcard and a few stickers for labelling police cars. Lim. E 227. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Hepatitsmittans Hegemoni | audio sample
B. Masshu | audio sample
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by Kristian Olsson and Tony Hallén
Mastered by McKaras
Artwork By Kristian Olsson, Lashisha,
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