ALFARMANIA "Hålögd Insikt" 10inch picture disc

artist: ALFARMANIA label: Autarkeia


Label: Autarkeia
Cat No: avi 055
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Alfarmania - the medicined men of northern Sweden, returns with the second entry in their vinyl triology on Autarkeia. With "Hålögd insikt", Alfarmania are moving away even more from their earlier sound, even if their foundation is in post-mortem scene they are genuine in their expression and manage to distance themselves from average power electronics / industrial groups. Heavy pulsations of bass, thick as smoke arising from tin foil when chasing the dragon. The despaired sounds of faceless inhabitants of Sundsvall succumbing to their own habits, left mutilated for display in the forest, hanging from a belt in their prison cell or just jumping from the Alnö bridge. Recorded during conditions under which most people would perish or take the rope as exit, Alfarmania find the essence of their work through spiritual winter and extreme human conditions. Lim. E 227- Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Halogd Insikt
B. Tillbaka Till Natten
[ n o t e s ]
Recorded and performed by Kristian Olsson and Tony Hallén at the Deathchamber & Skogen - Sundsvall, Sweden in Spring 2010.
Artwork direction by Kristian Olsson
"Tillbaka Till Natten" is based around a poem by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle.
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