anonymous "HaIOTh HaKODeSh" C60

artist: anonymous label: Fanaticism


Label: Fanaticism
Cat No: none
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Raw and obscure (spi-)ritual ambient and religiously obsessed industrial, built with heavy reverb and copious amounts of low end noise, looped and distorted chants and tuned down percussion. This first tape in the series deals with the grand theme of the apocalypse and the role of the Malach (Malakh) or angel. 'Haioth Hakodesh' is a kabbalistic term for the first choirs of angels, the Seraphim, translating to 'beasts (creatures) of sainthood'. Two long, other-wordly pieces, dark, meditative and unsettling at the same time, ideal for contemplative prayer or serious acid trips. -Label Description

58 minutes playing time.
Dubbed in real time on C60 high bias chrome cassettes.
Comes with a double-sided red art paper j-card.
Highly recommended !!!
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A. untitled
B. untitled
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