GRIM "Orgasm" LP (Black Vinyl edition)

artist: GRIM label: Tesco Organisation


Label: Tesco Organisation
Cat No: TESCO 106
- - -
1st release of japanes cult industrial act GRIM on Tesco.
Back to aggressive style noises and rhythms mixed with Juns distinctive voice.
GRIM emphasis on individual self-discipline by using ritual industrial techniques.
At the very beginning, hope this LP will be a source of awakening and thinking Individually. -Label Description
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BLACK Vinyl edition.
Limited to 250 copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Calling
A2. Bisha Octopus
A3. Meteo
A4. Hi Volt
B1. Nocturne
B2. Apache
B3. Orgasm
[ n o t e s ]
Tracks A2 and A4 produced by Jun Konagaya
Track B1 composed by Daisuke Maekawa and played by Grim
Voice, Feedback, Collage, Effects, and Treatment by Jun Konagaya
Guitar and Selection Of Songs by Daisuke Maekawa
Drum and Percussion by Yusuke Owada
Metal Percussion by Masahiko Okubo A.K.A. Linekraft
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