BO CAVEFORS & KRISTIAN OLSSON "Dödens Ö / Die Toteninsel" CD


Label: Autarkeia
Cat No: acd 059
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Bo Cavefors is a famous persecuted Swedish playwright and brutal writer, persona non grata of the Swedish official culture, whose plays and exhibitions have been banned for their quite extreme and nonconformist character. Kristian Olsson, well-known Swedish sound terrorist, the founder of SURVIVAL UNIT and ALFARMANIA projects, using Bo Cavefors' book texts and his voice, has recorded a very gloomy dark ambient album dedicated for the inevitable phenomenon - DEATH. Lim. E 300 copies. -Label Description
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1. Dödens Ö / Die Toteninsel
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Libretto by Bo Cavefors
Music by Kristian Olsson
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