BODY CARGO "Conspiracy Of Containers" C80

artist: BODY CARGO label: Autarkeia


Label: Autarkeia
Cat No: tape 007 / acd 057
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Conspiracy of Containers is the latest release of Lithuanian postmortem artist Body Cargo. War crimes are committed each and every second and the impassable jungle of Papua New Guinea remains cannibal Bermuda triangle where all ends and witnesses of war crimes vanish into thin air and the pyramids of sleek skulls are growing fast. Where do the abducted Muslims disappear from the US concentration camps? Perhaps you truly believe they come back or are deported home? What do the containers, transported by the latest B52 to the territory of Papua New Guinea, contain? Why do the fiercest cannibal tribe wars take place in those locations of Papua New Guinea above which the unregistered CIA aircrafts are observed? You will find all answers in the newest Body Cargo conspiratorial tape released in a signature pack of Autarkeia. Lim. E 100. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. To Get The Bodies
A2. Pyramids Of Shining Skulls
A3. Feeding The Sharks Of Jungle
A4. Above The Green Hell Of Hungry Beasts
A5. Conspiracy Of Containers
* Material repeats on B-Side
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