BURIAL HEX "Assumption / Ascension" C35

artist: BURIAL HEX label: Angst


Label: Angst
Cat No: ANGST_34
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For over a decade now, Burial Hex, the eponymous maestro of Horror Electronics, has offered us a confounding glimpse into the dark night of the soul. On this powerful offering, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Clay Ruby and cellist Angela McJunkin gracefully weave through a shocking juxtaposition of kosmische neo-classical and power electronics. In an attempt to depict the mysteries of the Assumption and Ascension, Burial Hex makes a harrowing musical journey that ultimately culminates in a peaceful resolution with a very uncharacteristic piece of monastic folk pastorale. -Label Description
Edition of 73
Could be said clearly, this is the very best material from Burial Hex in years. Compound with various depth of musical senses which journey with and embody by this project, and yet less any 'beats' but keep glorious neo-classical and ritual elements as well as some psychedelic and folklore atmosphere. Ingenious industrial suite & ode with rich avant-garde-ism.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Assumption
B. Ascension
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by Angela McJunkin and Clay Ruby
Photography by Ilaria Doimo
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