C.O. CASPAR "Reports From This Lunatic Asylum" CD

artist: C.O.CASPAR label: Hau Ruck!


Label: Hau Ruck!
Cat No: HR!93
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REPORTS FROM THIS LUNATIC ASYLUM is the new album by C.O.Caspar, legendary industrial musician from berlin. It is a symbiotic mix of textfragments and archaic soundscapes and rhythm. The album tries to reflect nowadays chaos in this world in its specific way - a combination of proclamations and assurances which never will be concerted in the end, a critisims on todays politics and mediasystems. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Diese Seltsame G´schicht
2. Kaputt
3. Thankyousomuch
4. Sort Of Things
5. Jetzt Geht´s Los!
6. VIVA Papa
7. Wrecked Organ
8. Act1: P.G.A.
9. Act2: Chaos
10. Act3: Helga Slammer
11. Act4: ...Am Zaun
12. Act5: Teufel Weinen
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