CAULDHAME "Debris" C52


Label: Unrest Productions
Cat No: Unrest 31
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Cauldhame is an industrial/power electronics project from the UK, formed in 2008. "Debris" is the first in a series of works on the theme of mental illness; a portrayal of the damage inflicted by a failing, mismanaged healthcare system and a culture of wilful ignorance, delivered across 8 tracks in 50 minutes of densely detailed industrial/PE. An attack on the misappropriation of "Messianic Delusion" and other textbook tropes as comedic cliché, released within a week of UK supermarkets withdrawing "Mental Patient" Hallowe'en costumes from their shelves. -Label Description
Limited to 105 hand-numbered copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Revelations
A2. The Judas Unveiled
A3. Judicium Divinum
A4. Speaking In Tounges
B1. Metamorphosis
B2. Desire Of The Afflicted
B3. Mark Of The Leper
B4. Being-As-Debris
[ n o t e s ]
Music and lyrics by Michael Blenkarn
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