CELEBRITY APPRECIATION SOCIETY "Selected Case Studies Volume 1: Loss Of Innocence" C21


Label: Institute Of Paraphilia Studies
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The Celebrity Appreciation Society (C.A.S.) is interested in exploring the obsession developed by large groups of people for public characters. Actors and actresses, models and singers, starlets and porn stars, historical characters and victims of heinous crimes: whenever a human being reaches the limelight, hordes of fans will develop questionable urges that can turn admiration into sexual obsession that often leads to trolling and stalking activities.
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Case Study No. 1 - Anne Frank (Fetishizing The Cult Of Memory):
A1. File No. 1 - The Diary Of A Young Girl 
A2. File No. 2 - I Wish I Had A Girlfriend
Case Study No. 2 - Dana Plato (Rise And Fall Of A Child Superstar):
B1. File No. 3 - Final Interview
B2. File No. 4 - In Memory Of Kimberly Drummond (Everybody's Sister)
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Recorded in Orania (SA) in 2015
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