CLAUSTHOME "Radiophare [ Lampe D'Ambiance ]" CD


Label: Indiestate Distribution
Cat No: IST 034 CD
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Clausthome is another project of the Latvian band Claustrum known for their great release on Old Europa Cafe. "Radiophare" brings the listener first class radio-noise in a vein of Bad Sector, Arecibo or SETI/Lagowski. This material was gathered during two years (under project research named Clausthome) using different ways of radio waves scanning, data gathered by radio telescopes and archives of universe research data servers. It was a sound analysis experiment, where material and after-processing of both Earth and cosmic authentic static radiation were used, applying different sound alteration programs and sampling methods, as well as sound synthesis creating music environment. It is a process of translation and transformation that leads towards awareness of that potential environment, which can be created using the gathered material. The CD also contains 3 videos made by members of Clausthome for some non-album tracks, one of them called "Untitled Radio" starts the upcoming series of audio-visual works by the same name. The release comes in a silver-black fold-out digisleeve with an insert and is limited to 500 copies. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Secret (Live)
2. Radiophare III
3. Distant
4. Radiophare II
5. Another ELF-VLF
6. Radiophare I
7. Fantasy In Radio Minor
8. Magnetic
9. Telephobia
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