Label: Luce Sia
Cat No: 003
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The sun surely is one of the natural phenomena most often revered as a god or goddess. Ancient cultures all over the world have sun gods, and later religions at least compare their gods to the sun or see the sun as one aspect of their deity. The new Conscientia Peccati album takes different perspectives and different cultures as the fundamental concept addressing the sun with neo folk, rituals, ethnic and ambient music, reflecting sun worship all over the world. The title “Confusio Solis” could be translated with “confusion of the sun”. When looking at sun cults, one finds blood sacrifice and nazi neo-occultism as well as much more peaceful approaches. Just imagine for one moment the sun really was a sentient being: how would it be able to understand all the different characteristics attributed to it? What kind of god would it be? It would be confused for sure. -Label Description
Conscientia Peccati is finally back along with full-length cassette, contains brand new 10 tracks.
Conscientia Peccati is one of the solo moniker by German act Martin Steinebach, and active since 1994 with debut cassette "Theogonia" released on Art Konkret, also known for numerous releases as the other moniker Monoid, StillStand and Compest.
Absolutely one of the very best albums from this master of medieval industrial! ESSENTIAL.
Comes with clear band as usual Luce Sia titles.
Limited to 60 copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Return
A2. Sonnenkleid
A3. Schamasch
A4. Issiq Nurlari
A5. Bila Mwanga
B1. Charm
B2. Surya
B3. Narta
B4. Zweispiel
B5. Occasus
[ n o t e s]
Recorded by Martin Steinebach 2014 - 2015
Layout by Martin Steinebach
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