CONTRASTATE "Régiment De Rapaces" LP

artist: CONTRASTATE label: Segerhuva


Label: Segerhuva
Cat No: Seger 28
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Segerhuva proudly presents "Régiment de Rapaces" - the re-issue of one of our personal favourite recordings from the 90’s – CONTRASTATE’s “Mort Aux Vaches” - a live in studio recording for Dutch national radio from 1995, originally released on Staalplaat in 1996. Formerly a CD – now available again as a 180-gram vinyl in a matte black and white cover with a new title and all new artwork made specifically for this release by their long time collaborator Ben Hughes.
Contrastate were one of the few groups which had the ability to truly spellbind - bringing a dramatic state of both euphoria and utmost grief while maintaining full control of the senses. This particular recording was one of their more aggressive ones in terms of vocal delivery and lyrics - much akin to Test Dept. in their heyday. Their usual paradoxical and often humourous texts here took a obvious global turn of perspective with statements delving into mass mentality and the negative aspects of waging war. Musicwise a traditional strange, glowing mixture of ritual ambient atmospheres, cascading guitarwashes and tension-building structures.
With this re-issue we hope Contrastate will find some new listeners and grow a bit outside the traditional boundaries of industrial-tinged gothic culture. Let the legend of the seven dancing cows entice you - ENJOY!
Edition of 300 copies. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Morality Of The Uncivilised
A2. Regiment Of The Vultures
B1. Five Minutes Past Midnight - And Welcome To The Speculator
B2. No To Reason
B3. The God Of Language
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by Jonathan Grieve, Stephen J. Pomeroy and Stephen Meixner
Cover artwork by Ben Hughes
Layout by Jonas Kellagher
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