CSH "Unnamed Disease" C50

artist: CSH label: Trapeze Tapes


Label: Trapeze Tapes
Cat No: TPTP-001
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CSH is another project of CONTRARY SOAP HEAVEN that has been started as heavy-psychedelic rock band by three members in Japan since 2005. Sickness pulses of the analog synth, stomy feedbacks of heavy electronics, inundation of metal grind noise. These strong harsh-noises will sound like brutal screams we can't name. All improvised by CSH. Recorded in 2007 winter. Limited to 49 copies. -Label Description
This is the debut title of this Japanese obscure cassette label Trapeze Tapes which released Tongue Knax and the debut tape by Mordant Karma, both are Lust Vessel lineage.
Recommended for those who are disgusting any kind of scene aka ostensible community and its collusion for their business.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Unnamed Disease
A2. Taman Shud Necromancy
A3. Putrefactive Substance
B1. Asterixis
B2. Obscenity Gorse Fever
[ n o t e s ]
All improvised by CSH
Recorded winter 2007
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