DA-SEIN "Tautology" 7inch

artist: DA-SEIN label: Galakthorrö


Label: Galakthorrö
Cat No: Galakthorrö 039
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Behind the heideggeresquely infused name Da-Sein lies concealed a musical duo residing in Madrid. Musically imprinted with the spirit of the early days of Industrial, and their love of the sound of their MS 20, they create music for which there is no better place to materialise than in the Galakthorrö-Kosmos. The platter, with its four songs, is full of variety, but is true to itself. It covers a spectrum from danceable to destructive, held together by much darkness and the female vocals, distorted, fragmented – a Powerful Debut. -Lable Description
Comes in sturdy cardboard cover
Hand-numbered limited edition of 539 copies
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Niebo listen
A2. No Return
B1. Synthetic Blowjob
B2. Tonite | listen
[ n o t e s ]
Da-Sein are Kas Visions and Fernando O. Paino
Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by Da-Sein
Photo by Alice Angeletti
Design by R. Galakthorrö
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