DEATH AGONIES "Dust In The Lungs Of God" C20


Label: Cathartic Process
Cat No: CP-25
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If you've noticed, Cathartic Process releases unusually long cassettes. This C-20 is the shortest release on the label, yet this release by the Canadian members of The Endless Blockade covers massive territory. "Dust in the Lungs of God" is excellently composed and paced, and after a quick listen, your left with a powerful impression. I hesitate to use the description "cut-up," because it lacks the extremely rapid transitions the term has been used to describe. But there is the movement that we came to expect in the mid-90s from such a description, before it was used to describe artists like Sickness, Romance and early Sewer Election. This is quite different, sounding more like the 4-track tape techniques of mid-90's American noise artists were used. In a time of dilettantes, we're unaccustomed to artists who simultaneous demonstrate both expertise and passion, but Death Agonies bear the unmistakable mark of our time, while reminding us of a quality long lost in (North) American harsh noise. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Before The Span Of One's Life Is Run Out
B. An Unnecessary Stain
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by Andrew Nolan, Ben Edgar, Eric King, Matthew Carroll
Recorded June 2009
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