DEATH SQUAD "Cutting Myself Open To See & Feel Blood" C62


Label: Neural Operations
Cat No: NO 15
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The original version was released 1996 in a hepatitis test kit box in an edition of 20. This was given out for free at a performance for a mixed media class at City College of San Francisco. It included three 20 minute tapes, a booklet and a razor blade. The reissue includes all of the same material.

A stapled booklet containg 6 double sided pages and a photo quality cover. The three original tapes have been converted to a single cassette.
The reproduction is in color, as the original release was black and white. Each one has a handmade blood artwork piece. There are 3 photos that are the same exact ones that came in the original version. -Label Description
This is cassette edition does NOT include CDr.
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