DEVIATION SOCIAL "Compilation Tracks 1982-85 "From End To Beginning" Vol. 1" LP


Label: Dais Records
Cat No: DAIS 012
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"This music comes from an honest person and an honest place: straight from the heart" -Monte Cazazza
First ever official archival LP vinyl for Devation Social founded by Arshile Injeyan and active from 1981-1986 also know for several publications such as PResence Update, PResence Records Annual Report, The Swastika, An Abridged History.
Compiles every track initially appeared on following compilation cassettes.
"Vita Nova International" (Vita Nova / 1983)
"The Pale Plague" (Beyond The Pale / 1983)
"New Federalism" (Aeon / 1984)
"Vita Nova International" (Vita Nova / 1984)
"Omniana - Audio Arm #3 Cassette Magazine (A.R.P.H. Tapes / 1985)
And it means this LP is complete version of "Compilation Anthology" originally released as PRC 666 on authour's own label PPresence Records in 1985.
Comes with 8 page booklet featuring images, texts taken from "PResence Records Annual Report" etc and also liner notes.
Perfect guide for one of the keys of seminal American postmortem. Deviation Social still rules!
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. She Wants To Be With Manson
A2. We Declare War
A3. Multitado Humanus Tabesco
A4. All Men Of Lidice
B1. Reality/Imagination
B2. New Right
B3. Case Studies In Censorship
[ n o t e s ]
Backing Vocals on track A1 by Sharee Carton
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