DIETER MÜH "Heterodoxie" LP

artist: DIETER MÜH label: Verlautbarung


Label: Verlautbarung
Cat No: mitteilung 45II
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This first new full length since four years from Dieter Müh is a tad less complex one compared to earlier works. Heavy, layered and structured industrial, some rhythmic loops and dusky, solitary drones form an intricate but flowing whole. A sensitive treatment of both natural and synthetic sounds coalesce with intense ambiences of a indeterminable variety. Although Dieter Müh now solely consists of Steve Cammack, the album also features contributions by Cheapmachines' Phil Julian, Tim Bayes, Michael Parker from Appliance and Simon Kane.
Edition of 200 copies in printed full colour sleeves with stapled on copper sheet detail and label insert.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Illuminati Humiliati
A2. Intruder
A3. Mixed Discard
B1. Helescum
B2. The Culling Is Calming
[ n o t e s ]
Dieter Müh: Steve Cammack
Assisted for this project by Tim Bayes, Phil Julian, Michael Parker and Simon Kane.
Recorded throughout 2009-2012 (UK + Australia)
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