GREY WOLVES, THE / GENOCIDE ORGAN "Absolute Truth" 12inch


Label: Tesco Organisation
Cat No: TESCO 090
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L.ed. 500, embossed frontcover. The Grey Wolves and Genocide Organ have been collaborators for many years, one of the most significant tracks they´ve worked on together is "Beyond Hypocrisy" - this 12" features 4 different versions of the track. The Live in Mannheim 2011 version, the original Version by The Grey Wolves, a new more classical Version and a longer new interpretation of the called Absolute Hypocrisy - coming as a 12", one side is 45rpm and one side 33rpm total playing time about 29min - Tesco 090. TRACKLIST: A: 1. Beyond Hypocrisy (Original version) 2. Beyond Hypocrisy ( Live in Mannheim 2011) B: 1. Absolute Hypocrisy 2. Beyond Hypocrisy (Nitzsche mix) -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Beyond Hypocrisy (Original Version)
A2. Beyond Hypocrisy 2012 (Live In Mannheim)
B1. Absolute Hypocrisy
B2. Beyond Hypocrisy (Nietzsche Mix)
[ n o t e s ]
Side A plays at 45 RPM.
Side B at 33⅓ RPM.
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