GRIM "The Past Is Still In Current Use" CD

artist: GRIM label: Drag & Drup Records


Label: Drag & Drup Records
Cat No: DDI 3336
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First official retrospective CD with 21 tracks in total, contains all material of debut 7inch "Amaterasu", LP "Folk Music", 12inch "Message", and also selected compilation tracks include another moniker Howling Of Himalaya's work and one previously unreleased recording. Published by now defunct German label Drag & Drop Industrial in 1999.
Slightly differs from second official retrospective CD "Folk Songs For An Obscure Race" as to track listing and sound quality according to mastering process.
Great archive of early works by Japanese cult industrial legend Jun Konagaya a.k.a. Grim.Comes with a 12 paged booklet includes reproduced original artworks.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Amaterasu
2. Yonpakugan
3. Noble Folk
4. Grove
5. Frozen Limit
6. Bremen 1
7. Mountain
8. Bourgeois
9. Alps Noel
10. Bremen 2
11. Fragment
12. Holiday
13. Heil
14. Celebration
15. Message
16. Deep In Meditation
17. Mooncalf's Waltz
18. Klara's Song
19. Parable & Coal
20. Heaven Knows
21. For The Forthcoming Day
[ n o t e s ]
Tracks 1 to 3 original released on the 7inch "Amaterasu", G.A. Propaganda in 1985
Tracks 4 to 13 original released on the LP "Folk Music", Eskimo Records in 1986
Tracks 16 to 20 original released on the 12inch "Message", Eskimo Records in 1987
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