GX JUPITTER-LARSEN "Big Time Crash bang 2008" LP


Label: RRRecords
Cat No: RRR-001
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The next time someone makes that old joke about noise sounding like a car crash can offer this lp as proof, its nothing but the sound of car crashes, all mangled up as only gx can do it - tires squeeling, glass shattering. metal crunching, wrecked, totalled - screeeeeeeeeeeee smash crash screeeeeeech smash smash crash - quite possibly the perfect noise album, gx says its his best lp to date, i'm inclined to agree - wear your seatbelt.
Oh yeah, full color printed cover, it looks beautiful - 500 copies -Label Description
No doubt. This is one of the finest works from The Nihilist. Beauteous scrap sounds move in a lively way on the full of long-play vinyl.
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