HERMANN KOPP "Zyanidanger" CD

artist: HERMANN KOPP label: Galakthorrö


Label: Galakthorrö
Cat No: Galakthorrö 032
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On his new album Hermann Kopp devotes himself to the subject of Alchemy, having been triggered by the book "Die Geschichte Der Chemie" (The History of Chemistry) which was published in 1843 in Braunschweig written by an author by the name of Hermann Kopp. One is always astounded by these strange accidents of Fate. Notwithstanding, on the Zyanidanger album, nothing is left to Fate, conceptually or musically. The theme is excitingly put into action, the script is expertly interpreted ("mise-en-Scène") and every weird note perfectly placed. The recording is full of gruesome melodies and it should be mentioned that Hermann Kopp lays a high value on production technique, bringing back to us, rejuvenated, the raw scent of the 80s. This in combination with his morbid-minimalistic compositions is an unbeatable mixture. The music on Zyanidanger is so utterly poisonous and deathly tragic, that it turns all the right mind-screws, letting us float in a kind of melancholy high. Which goes to prove that as a Sound Wizard and Tonal Alchemist, Hermann Kopp has certainly done his homework! An die Chemie! -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. An Die Chemie | audio sample
2. Jabir Ibn Hayyan
3. Mutus
4. Arsenicum
5. Raven's Head | audio sample
6. Metalmorphosis
7. Tabula
8. Alaun
9. Henry Cavendish | audio sample
10. Black Chemistry
11. Gas Hinter Glas
12. The Gold Bug | audio sample
[ n o t e s ]
Based essentially on the book 'Die Geschichte der Chemie' by the German scientist Hermann Franz Moritz Kopp, published between 1843 and 1847 in Braunschweig.
Composed, performed, produced, recorded by Hermann Kopp
Percussion on track 4 by Tamon Miyakita
Voice on track 7 by Dorothee Schwarz
Track 12 based on a novel by Edgar Allan Poe
Mastered by Friedemann Kootz
Design – R. Galakthorrö
Photography by Hermann Kopp
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