HERRIE = BEK "Bijbelkruisiging" C60

artist: HERRIE = BEK label: Stront


Label: Stront
Cat No: none
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Possiblly official debut full-length cassette from this obscure act.
Released on Mr. D.I.Y. Peter Zincken AKA Odal's current label Stront (ex-BloedvlagProdukt, Nihilistic Recordings) in 2013.
Ultimate noise collage oddity and the piles with some mondo indutrial edges at its best. Assembled with classic/orchestral/opera music, samples from historical nazi or movies, programmed electric rhythms, voices/vocals, etc - some reminds early work of the tradition of United Dairies, Nurse With Wound or Musique Concret especially, and yet delivers also some spirits of 80's underground cassette culture from Benelux.
Thee perfection of imperfection. Essential listening!
Packaged with roughly cut/assembled and full color cardstock stock and 2 inserts, one is the photos of the live-shot of the artist and the other contains KKK confederate flag image.
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A1. untitled
A2. untitled
B1. untitled
B2. untitled
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