JEFF CENTRAL "Primativa" C45

artist: JEFF CENTRAL label: Black Music


Label: Black Music
Cat No: none
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Yes, This is thee original release on the Black Music label. we have all the remaining copies of this tape and are now offering them to the public. This one not only put Jeff man on the map but practically made him a houshold name for those in the know. Original covers are numbered and were designed by James Towning of Fact 22 as well as mixed by this master studio demi-god!! -Exoteque Music Productions description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Bleedthrough
A2. The Doctor's Work
A3. Dance Of The Blessed Spirits
A4. Womb Of The Earth
B1. Sheila-Na-Gig
B2. Burn And Scatter
B3. Sardonic Laugh (Slow Mix)
B4. Cameroon Tabu
B5. Exotique 
[ n o t e s ]
Recorded at the Central Processing Unit between October and December 1987
All composition by Jeff Central
Additional Mixing by James Towning
Design by Fact 22
Last Copy!