KORPSES KATATONIK ‎"Oeuvres Complètes" CD


Label: Klanggalerie
Cat No: gg157
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Zos DeWitt is a legend in Industrial music. He started the Nekrophile label in Vienna in 1983 and released music by Genesis P-Orridge, Ain Soph, Sleep Chamber, Coil any many more. In 1982 he recorded his first album under the name Korpses Katatonik. A work full of harsh Industrial sounds in the tradition of early SPK. On this CD re-issue, we present the complete works by this project including material from the Beast 666 compilation. Carefully remastered, this albums sounds better than ever before. DeWitt later went on to form Zero Kama whose "Secret Eye of L.a.y.l.a.h." album was played on human bones only. A milestone in 80's Infustrial that sounds as fresh today as it did then. -Label Description
Thee aural book for postmortem fanatics.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Shatok
2. Schmertzlabor
3. Enzephallik Mortuor
4. Nekom
5. Kcock Transzplant
6. Kaltfleisch Corporor
7. Skarzisko
8. Okzipital Slash
9. Choronzon
[ n o t e s ]
Written, Recorded, Synthesizer, Guitar, Voice, Tape Loops by Michael DeWitt
Remastered by Christian Loebenstein in 2011
Tracks 1 to 8 were first published in 1982 under the title "Subklinikal Leukotomy Aphrenia Spasmophilik Lyssophobo Asphyxia Sinister Lethal Anorex: Sensitive Liberated Autistiks"
Track 9 was first published in 1983 on the cassette compilation "The Beast 666"
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