LE SYNDICAT "30 Years Of Excess" 6xC60 Box


Label: Influencing Machine Records
Cat No: Influencing Machine 07
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The first Le Syndicat performance took place in Paris in 1982 and was followed by a handful of tape releases. At that time, the trajectory that this project would take was unclear as Le Syndicat’s earliest work eschewed boundaries and constraints--a trait that permeates Le Syndicat's entire catalog. As is true with most great artists and musicians in their formative years, the minds behind that early incarnation of the project were unconcerned with leaving behind a legacy or radically altering the terrain of experimental, industrial, noise, and electronic music. The 30 years that have passed since that time have proven, however, that Le Syndicat has had a profound influence upon the aural, visual, and conceptual aesthetics of each of those genres.
In honor of Le Syndicat’s contribution, Influencing Machine will be releasing a six-tape box set entitled “30 Years of Excess.” This release will commemorate the three decades of Le Syndicat by reissuing some of the earliest and most elusive of the group’s tapes—none of which have been previously reissued. Each of these recordings has been mastered from the original source tapes by Ruelgo himself and will each feature the artwork and graphic design of longtime collaborator Zorïn.
The following recordings will be included in “30 Years of Excess”:
- Phase Segments/Boucles (1982)
- Tot Mortar (1983)
- Audiostatik Repress (1983)
- Vagynaestetatis (1985)
- Staying Alive (1985)
- L'Arme De Force (1986)
These six professionally dubbed C-60 tapes come packaged in a handpainted box adorned with stenciled Le Syndicat Lorraine cross logo and accompanied by a 16 page booklet with artwork by Zorïn. -Label Description
Limited edition of 250 copies.
Another perfect archival work for Le Syndicat with quality sounds (stronger duplication than original tapes) and renewal artwork keeping early Le Syndicat label uniformed layout, focusing on seminal cassette titles which speak what postmortem era of Le Syndicat was; Total industrial bruit and machinery with essence of power electronics elements.
NOTICE: Exclusive distribution by Lust Vessel Distribution in Japan.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
"Phase Segments / Boucles"
A1. Première Salve
A2. Tocsin
A3. Sovietanz
A4. Précautions
A5. Tu Vois!
B1. M El Maldito
B2. Entendez-vous ?
B3. Pandemonium
B4. Mephistopheles
B5. Spicy Jaerk
"Audiostatik Repress"
C1. Rotor
C2. Vortex
C3. Turbine
C4. Hachoir
C5. Stator
D1. Révolution
D2. Torsion
D3. Schrague
D4. Spirale
D5. Siphon
D6. Loi Spermicide
"Tot Mortar"
E. untitled
F. untitled
G. untitled
H. untitled
"Staying Alive"
I. untitled
J. untitled
"L'Arme De Force"
K1. Extrarotation
K2. Vouivre
K3. Desquamation
K4. Machefer
L1. Antidéfiance
L2. Vakuum Extraktor
L3. Pestilence
L4. Fratricure
L5. Implosions
[ n o t e s ]
Artwork by Zorïn
Tape 1 originally released on cassette by Le Syndicat (France), 1982. Digitally Remastered 2012.
Tape 2 originally released on cassette by Le Syndicat (France), 1983. Digitally Remastered 2012.
Tape 3 originally released on cassette by Le Syndicat (France), 1983. Digitally Remastered 2012.
Tape 4 originally released on cassette by Le Syndicat (France), 1985. Digitally Remastered 2012.
Tape 5 originally released on cassette by ZSF Produkt (Japan), 1985. Digitally Remastered 2012.
Tape 6 originally released on cassette by Le Syndicat (France), 1986. Digitally Remastered 2012.
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