M.B. "Mectpyo / Blut" 2xCD


Label: menstrualrecordings
Cat No: LH65
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Mectpyo / Blut was the first cassette to be privately issued by Maurizio Bianchi under the M.B. moniker in 1980 soon after his early sonic incarnation Sacher Pelz ceased to exist. 
Swirling and dense cacophony, hypnotic tape loops and layers upon layers of relentless sounds.
This is classic M.B. early style. A must have.
First ever CD re-issue.
Remastered from original master tapes for superb audio.
Edition of 250 copies in printed 4 panel cd wallet with glossy finish.
Cover images are 1980 original M.B. artwork.
We/you will never be sure how many variations or similar recordings in the early period as cassettes era of the M.B. are existed, but we/you clearly perceive this IS one of the very be(a)st material before LPs era in 80's.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1-1. Maidanek Bakterium | audio sample
1-2. Musique Belzec | audio sample
2-1. Mutant Brain | audio sample
2-2. Mord Bahnhof | audio sample
[ n o t e s ]
Concrete & synth music
Sacher-Pelz Outputs - 1980 -
Limited copies in stock!