M.B. "Teknoise" C60

artist: MAURIZIO BIANCHI label: Angst


Label: Angst
Cat No: ANGST_13
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First ever reissue on cassette by Italian label Angst in November 2014. Originally released by M.B. himself as a private cassette in August 1980, and distributed to friendly persons only.
Same material with CD reissue on Peripheral Records in September 2014, with rather feral electronics with semi-distorted/delayed rhythm machines, and this cassette edition should be recommended for fanatics who run their tongues over early works of M.B. on magnetic tape especially.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Onket
B. Esion
[ n o t e s ]
Cover by Francesco Petricca
Layout and Artwork by Antonio Olivieri