artist: MICHAEL IDEHALL label: Ant-Zen


Label: Ant-Zen
Cat No: act344
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With 'No Man's Land' the exceptional Swedish artist Michael Idehall opens another chapter in his self-defined history of seancetronica - A musical genre based on traditional dark industrial in combination with experimental electronics, tight rhythmic settings and intensely vocalized song structures.
Idehall's repetitive, tautologous compositions create a dreamy, otherwordly atmosphere with a paralyzing, hypnotic impact and a supremely ceremonious feel. Pounding funereal beats and dominating sub bass drones build a solid foundation for this album's work, supplemented by abrasive, distorted synth textures and deep, ghostly vocal incantations.
A masterwork of a release, showcasing michael idehall's outstanding position in contemporary industrial music. Ant-Zen and Beläten invite you to visit 'No Man's Land' - Easy to enter, but hard to leave. -Label Deacription
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Of The Stupa
2. Yoni
3. Nagelfar
4. No Man's Land
5. Behind The Moon
6. Deep Code
7. Nightmare
8. Through The Looking Glass
9. Howlings
10. Malleus
11. Raven of abraxas
12. Sickness
13. Walkabout
14. Angel Of Fear
[ n o t e s ]
Written & Produced by Michael Idehall
Additional Vocals by Åsa Nordgren on 'No Man's Land' and 'Angel Of Fear'
Production Assistance by th.oth/19
Mastering by Philipp Münch at Tiger Prawn Studio
Original Graphics by Michael Idehall
Layout by Salt