MILITIA "Everything Is One" CD


Label: Tactical Recordings
Cat No: tactics 07
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Militia's eco-anarchic social views lifted to a transcendental level, pushing foreward the concirn for our environment and for all living beings.
"We are all the same and all are one – the other is a reflection of yourself"
Looking at specific tracks, 'They marked the path' is a standout, being an amazing piece of understated martial percussion, rousing violin and rhetoric infused vocals, and is only stronger now that I can hear it in context of the full album. 'The hidden connection' is another excellent piece, where by being reliant on a central pounding percussive framework, it allows a free form and loosely played violin to inject a folkish air. Alternately 'The new found dawn' follows a more classic style of Militia songwriting, which would not be fully complete if it were not for the trademark disharmonic horn wails. Grandiose indeed! The title piece and final track concludes the album on a sombre note, due mostly to the removal of the overt percussive elements. Thus with the absence of such a central aspect, the moody orchestral layers remain as the backing for the soprano vocals, whilst the acerbic vocal sermon recites the album’s concept one last time.
By virtue of not to attempt to outdo the unbridled anger of "The Black Flag Hoisted", Militia have succeeded in producing a fantastic follow up, of which my appreciation has grown with each subsequent rotation. -Aural Pressure
Comes with an oversized folder cover.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Only Sheep Need A Leader
2. New World View
3. The Fragment And The Whole
4. They Marked The Path
5. Vox Populi
6. The Nature Of It All
7. The Eco-Anarchic Solution
8. The Hidden Connection
9. The New Found Dawn
10. The Limitation Of Language
11. On Common Ground
12. The Relative Truth
13. Everything Is One
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by Frank Gorissen, Dirk Valkenborg, Frank Van Hoof, Jan Roggen and Luc Tureluren
Clarinet on track 3 by Hilde Slangen
Violine on tracks 4 and 8 by Cécile Gonay
Flugelhorn on tracks 5 and 10 by Benny Schacht
Soprano Vocals on trcaks 5 and 13 by Lien Haegeman
Accordion on track 10 by Pascale Rubens
Recorded by Willy Pirotte at Anne Bee Audioproductions
Cover Design and Photography by Lian Heuts
Layout by Christophe Janssen
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