MK9 "Interim : Unused Sounds From The 2010 Tour" C10

artist: MK9 label: Neural Operations


Label: Neural Operations
Cat No: NO 6
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Comes with original one of a kind cover art and writings. Every cassette cover is different and the handwritten writings as well; There are some smudging and fingerprints on cover due to production process. Numbered edition of 50. -Label Description
The subtitle describes itself. Contains 2 tracks of ultra sonic yet heavy drenched electronic pieces as unused material from the tour in 2010. This tape might behave as some kind of antidepressant, or make you depressed seriously. Beyond any kind of  typical music, sounds or tones. Brings just solid psychological effects and functions.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. unused 1
B. unused 2
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