NON "God & Beast" CD

artist: NON label: Mute


Label: Mute
Cat No: CDSTUMM158
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In a Promethean sense, man is a God. But on an even more profound level, man is a beast. This primary contradiction has plagued mankind for millennia. Man is a God. Man is a beast. These two aspects of his personality have been waging war with one another for countless centuries; a war whose casualties are seen everywhere and recognized nowhere. But there exists, however, a long forgotten place in the soul where God and beast intersect. To go to that place is to witness the death of one world and the birth of another...join me. -From liner notes
'97 released album recorded at Worldwide International Studios, All songs written and performed by Boyd Rice. Produced by Ken Thomas. Co-associated with Dave Simmons, Douglas P. and Rose McDowall.
There are two ghost tracks, the first being the reading of a strange poem, the second an instrumental piece. A sudden loud scream anticipates them after 13 minutes from the end of track 9.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. God And Beast
2. Between Venus & Mars
3. Millstones
4. The Coming Forth
5. The Law
6. Lucifer, The Morning Star
7. Out Out Out
8. Phoenix
9. Total War
[ n o t e s ]
Vocals and sound construction by Boyd Rice
Vocals, chimes and E-bow by Douglas P.
Vocals by Rose McDowall
Keyboards by Dave Simmons
Produced by Ken Thomas
Recorded at worldwide international studios
Photography by Sean Hartgrove
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