OBJEKT/URIAN "+Tonfragmente II+" CD


Label: Zone De Confusion
Cat No: Z.D.C.01
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This German Band was founded in 1998. These days of the 'post-industrial' time offer diverse views of the inheritance of bands like TG, SPK and others. Music, content and ambitions might have changed according to the perspectives. We can find a combination of yesterday and today in OBJEKT/URIAN.
They stroll down the old paths by building instruments by themselves as well as they use analogue technology. The result is a quite distinct sound yet it always reveals the nearness to Power-Electronics and Noise. The incredibly blurred and ugly aspect of social and political issues is almost foist on the listener with the aggressive vocals. OBJEKT/URIAN's performances are dynamic dismantlements of society's deceiving illusion of an ideal world. Along with analogue synthesizers, home-made sound emitting objects and aggressive vocals they provide the sonic framework of an angry impeachment, that is performed with lots of sweat and sometimes even blood.
"Tonfragmente II" includes the 5 tracks originally released on their debut CDr plus 6 unreleased ones for a total length of 63 minutes. Their universe is cold, but never a depressing one and handled themes such as control and manipulation, information treatment, or some reflections on history and even on own country history- have the ability to let feelings and thoughts arouse and to get matters reconsidered...
The reputation of their live performances -combining music, theatrical elements and installations- went over the frontiers and the band was programmed at the fifth Deadly Actions festival in november 2002. Totally remastered sound from original recordings by Hermétique. Comes in special nice digipack with new artwork and selected varnished parts. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Fog
2. ....Gegen Die Eigenen Untergebenen
3. Logic Control
4. Useless Informations
5. Nightwar
6. Fight
7. Perversion
8. Metropolis
9. Last Farewell
10. ....Empfangen Sie Auf Kurzwelle
11. An Appeal
[ n o t e s ]
Performed by C. Krebs and T. Maier
Mastered by Jérôme
Tracks 1/4/7/9/11 no multitrack recording
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