OCHU "Tvärsnitt" LP

artist: OCHU label: Verlautbarung


Label: Verlautbarung
Cat No: mitteilung 38
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First full length work from this Swedish project, only seven years since the last tape. Long gone is the rotten noisy industrial of old, this is more into rougher delirious shriveled loops from found sounds and field recordings, parts reminds of some of Small Cruel Party's works but perhaps with a more narrative perspective. Also includes a live ritualistic metal scrape improvisation and electronics with two additional members. In pasted-on blue risographic print covers, with small folded insert. -Label Description
Numbered edition of 163 copies with black and white folded insert.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Der Letzte Sand Läßt Meine Augen Leer
B1. Grovkornighet / Icke Livskraftig
B2. Urskillning
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